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View Diary: Washington Post's Rubin declares racism solved, says Obama dishonest for his 'racial archeology' (92 comments)

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  •  Like many other frightened white people who (0+ / 0-)

    cannot face the truth that whites will become the minority in this country within their life time, she closes  her eyes, puts her fingers in her ears and dreams of the "good ol' days".  

    These people have a way of romanticizing the past, giving the days of white control and power a fairy tale, squeaky clean image, when in truth, it was a horrific time for people of color, which would be unleashed now by small hateful minds if not for the laws of the land.

    The truth that most of the political and religious right cannot grasp is that change within society is not so much a pendulum swinging back and forth between conservative and liberal, and all they have to do is wait until their time comes again, as it is a wrecking ball, knocking down what many thought would last forever, making room for what they never before imagined.  And the best course for this nation is for the rest of us to keep growing and building where the old once stood, and if the right wing wishes to sift among the rubble of the past then their kind will die there from the rot and decay.

    By the way, I am a sixty three year old white male, a Christian Humanist, who grew up in such a poisoness atmosphere, who simply does his best now to embrace as human and child of God, as Jesus would, whoever stands before me.      

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