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    One of the most tragic aspects of this is that teachers themselves have so little say in the debate. Most of our educational 'leaders' have very little, if any, classroom experience. Actions like eliminating tenure, which gives teachers due process and not a 'job for life' like some would want us to think, is really only there to make educators fear for their jobs. Why else take away due process?

    There comes a point, however, when there is indeed nothing left to lose. Right now we see the teachers that can are retiring early and looking to other states, but there are fewer and fewer islands of sanity out there. What about those that are mid-career with spouses and families that can neither leave nor retire? What about the young professionals who have just been told their shiny new degrees (like mine) are now worthless?

    Reformers have spent thirty years poking the bear. Either the bear is already dead or it will awake...

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