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View Diary: White House blasts amendment curtailing the NSA's power (175 comments)

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  •  That's it for me and Obama.... (5+ / 0-)

    the bloom is OFF of the romance.  I am so angry with him for his stances on the NSA issues, I can't even begin to pay attention to his big economic speech today.  It's looking more like an attention diversion tactic than anything else.

    What an f-ing headache he has become!  Where is the man I thought I voted for TWICE?  Did I miss something here? Am I that much of an easily fooled voter?

    Or was I just stupid enough to believe what he said in the past or during the campaigns?  This is like the faith based grant issues. He promised using specific words to end the hiring discrimination being funded by our tax dollars in churches and religious institutions getting the grant monies and what did he do instead?  Hired faith based leaders to "study" the problem and report back to him. In order words, he violated the Constitution twice... by not stopping the discrimination AND by forming a religious group to advise him on PUBLIC POLICY!

    He's a mess with the Constitution and someone should get Geoffrey Stone to have a talk with him.

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