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View Diary: White House blasts amendment curtailing the NSA's power (175 comments)

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    DeadHead, aliasalias

    There are foreign legions of OWS and US anti-fracking groups?

    What is the type of data at issue here by your definition?

    Are you making the claim that these broad "six degrees of separation" games that the spying agencies are engaging in are not being used against these groups?  How do you know that?  Are you working at NSA, DOJ or at the FISC?

    •  The Amendment at issue is about call data (0+ / 0-)

      The proposed  amendment and the WH response -- which are, you know, the topic of this diary -- are about data-mining of phone calls.  Not eavesdropping on calls, not reading email, not monitoring internet usage -- meta-data from phone calls.  That's the topic of this diary.

      So, yes, your examples are completely irrelevant.

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