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  •  Good wake up call for the people responsible for (14+ / 0-)

    littering the landscapes with those party balloons. And I especially appreciate you mentioning the hazard they present to wildlife. Our trash not only pollutes the planet, it causes a great deal of pain and suffering among our wild neighbors. Mrs. burnt and I came upon a very sad example of that a few weeks ago. We saw a family of Canada geese swimming along together and one of the youngsters, about half grown, and a bit smaller than the rest, was having a difficult time keeping up. After taking a few pictures we ended up spending a good part of the afternoon doing what little we could for that poor little goose. The pics we took show the severe damage that can be, and often is, caused by the simple of act of carelessly tossing away a wad of broken fishing line. I've been thinking of doing a diary on this, with the hopes that it might wake up a few people who just don't think about the harm that they are causing by simple carelessness. But the pics of the injuries are really quite gross and are pretty upsetting to me and I know they would be to all of the BYS people too so I've held off doing it. I may do it yet, it's something that does need to be discussed, so be forewarned if you see a diary about it one of these days, be prepared to be sickened.

    The heat spell has broken here in mid Mo. Nice to be able to go for a walk without breaking into a sweat. LB and I are heading out right now to take the training wheels off her bike and try riding without them.
    Wish us luck!

    Just give me some truth. John Lennon

    by burnt out on Thu Jul 25, 2013 at 11:06:21 AM PDT

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