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View Diary: Today in E.W. Jackson news, gun violence is caused by sexy people (47 comments)

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  •  Absolutely, children of single parents are (2+ / 0-)

    perfectly OK if the parent loves them.  Think of all the upper-class miserable children of parents who think of their children as puppets...I rode on the subway today with 4 young African-American children, roughly from 9 months to 5 years.  They were beautiful and exuberant and roughhousing with each other.  I couldn't help but think that no matter how much their mothers love them, they could come to a bad end at the hands of a GZ or a bad cop.  What a loss of human potential.  It hurts us all, not just the victims and their families.  I will pray for those children I was privileged to see today as long as I live.    

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