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  •  Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas (1+ / 0-)
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    But what do you wake up with when you lie down with libertarians? I believe the answer is a serious lack of perspective, which for example has made certain people (not here mainly but in some venues) find Ron Paul to be somewhat laudable because of his anti-war sentiments, while forgetting that the main impetus for those sentiments is a profound disdain for any nation other than the US of A. Those views are quaint in the same sense that pre-World War II isolationism is quaint.

    The big problem here, as much as I can glean from reading the comments, is that there is a serious tension at work between the real need for politics to operate by means of consensus-building and the utterly abhorrent views of so many of the individuals with whom consensus must somehow be built.

    •  Can people never (5+ / 0-)

      agree on some things and disagree on others?  If your view of politics requires a consensus in which everybody agrees on everything, that is never going to happen in a representative democratic government.

      What we have now a version of the Roman arena to distract the citizens with gladiator fights while the powerful run the show behind the scenes.

    •  This is the start of your misunderstanding... (4+ / 0-)
      certain people (not here mainly but in some venues) find Ron Paul to be somewhat laudable
      Why must people force this debate into more personality-based emocrap? I don't care if Amash is spearheading this legislation because he's paranoid and believes in conspiracies.*

      This is about getting specific legislation enacted. Not an embrace of them, their ideology or even their motivation for cooperating...

      *Part of me wishes he were, his advocacy would be all the more spirited, haha.

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