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View Diary: Mass Arrest of Singers in Wisconsin Capitol (142 comments)

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  •  The WI Capitol police are not our enemy (8+ / 0-)

    WI people are not doing this because its about police. Many if not most WI police are union members and they get what's going on.

    •  I am not sure how to interpret their actions (11+ / 0-)

      I understand completely your point but I also believe that there is a point when "I am only following orders" is not a valid excuse.  The hard part is knowing when to invoke the moral authority to recognize that this is where I, as a thinking law enforcement officer, will not cross the line and take personal responsibility to my actions. At this point, I can see that they are thinking that the courts will handle this fairly - that there still is a modicum of law and order left in our society.

      However, it this keeps up, there will certainly be the day when law and order no longer exists and they will have to make the decision that the "I am only following orders; I don't make the law only enforce it" is no longer valid.  It is a sign of a professional that can wrestle with this question and know when and where to draw the line.  I

      •  Have you followed their actions these past 2 years (2+ / 0-)

        If yo have you might know they've already done many things you suggest they ought do.

        The WI protests were about the 1%/99% divide before OWS made that expression common. But I have no interest in helping the WI protests turn into protesting police for the sake of protesting police. WI police and protestors both have understood from the start the union-busting was not about to stop at non-police / firefighter unions.

        •  I would never put handcuffs on a peaceful tea (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          party singer.  Capital police should be on the right side of history...a legacy is a hard thing to shake.

          •  If a legacy was really such a hard thing to shake. (0+ / 0-)

            you'd actually recall the positive actions the CapPol performed during the Feb/March 2010 protests. But in truth, no one remembers that and no one will remember this. I speak of course of DKos finger-waggers.

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