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  •  I have a collection of odd facts about names (10+ / 0-)

    of U. S. Presidents:

    In modern America,
    we tend to think it is normal,
    to have three names,
    and last,
    and if a man has the same exact name as his father,
    he is known as either,
    (name) Junior,
    (name) II.

    whatever name your parents gave you
    when you were a baby,
    If you were elected President,
    you would be inaugurated,
    and commonly known,
    by that name.

    aside from name issues,
    if you ever served as President,
    someone voted for you,
    if not as President,
    at least they voted you in as
    Vice President.

    Consider the following:

    In the early days of this country,
    folks had just two names:
    George Washington,
    John Adams,
    John Tyler,

    One more recent President,
    Harry S. Truman,
    had a middle initial,
    but no middle name.

    When he was a baby,
    two different names were proposed,
    to be used as his middle name,
    and they both started with the letter "S."

    The family could not agree,
    so they agreed
    to give him the initial, "S,"
    but no middle name.

    back to earlier times,
    it was apparently common
    for father and son
    to have the exact same name as each other,
    with no junior,
    no II.

    John Tyler
    was the son of
    John Tyler,
    for example.

    for the topic of getting given one name as a baby,
    and serving as President,
    under a different name:

    U. S. Grant,
    when he was a baby,
    was named Hiram.

    Dwight Eisenhower
    was named David.

    Gerald Ford was named
    Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

    The only President
    who had all three names changed
    between his infancy
    and his Presidency.

    Bill Clinton was originally
    William Jefferson Blythe IV.

    The fourth.

    Both Ford and Clinton
    took on the names of step-fathers.

    here's a bit of trivia,
    that shouldn't be trivia:

    There are two living former Presidents,
    both named George Walker Bush,
    but they are not senior and junior,
    since their names are not exactly the same.

    What is the difference?

    I have asked so many folks,
    in my face to face world,
    and I don't recall that one single person
    even tried to guess.

    They didn't even know about the Walker.

    They just called them nicknames,
    like daddy Bush,
    and Junior,
    even though he's not a Junior.

    The answer is,
    the elder George Bush is
    George Herbert Walker Bush;
    his son is just George Walker Bush.

    No one in America knows that.

    It's a state secret.

    Even though I just told you,
    it will be erased from your brain in 30 seconds,
    like the Mission: Impossible tape.

    I bring it up to folks,
    when they fumble at the spelling of my last name,

    I ask them,
    "You're not even familiar with names
    of recent,
    still alive,
    former Presidents?

    Apparently not.

    To cap all this off,
    I must point out,
    that one President
    was never elected,
    no one ever voted for him
    to be President,
    no one ever voted for him
    to be Viced President:

    Gerald Ford.

    During the Nixon administration,
    Nixon's Vice President,
    Spiro Agnew,
    Nixon appointed Ford,
    Nixon resigned,
    Ford became President,
    and Ford Pardoned Nixon,
    for any crimes he may have committed,
    crimes suggested
    by the information put in the press
    during the Watergate scandal.

    So there.

    Bringing a child into the world at this point in history is a crime, the crime of child endangerment.

    by bigjacbigjacbigjac on Sat Aug 03, 2013 at 03:16:55 AM PDT

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