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View Diary: The GOP asks us to "Tell us what you REALLY think about Obamacare". I did. You should, too. (174 comments)

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  •  daily kos has turned into a negative place (1+ / 0-)
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    there used to be a mix of positive and negative

    there were the fights and they sucked but there was also the energy of hope

    and this was before Obama was even considered a contender in the 2008 nomination, so, you can't blame Obama for killing the hope he falsely promised.  the hope didn't come from him.

    the hope came from people who still believed that there WAS hope.  it seems like the only hope I see left around here is the hope that we might win another election.  which is just such a hollow hope.  

    where is the passion for a better tomorrow?  i still have it.  but i don't dare express it, because i can't take the crickets or the scoffing anymore.  

    my whole life i have been an optimist, but it wasn't until i came to daily kos that i felt like i couldn't fit in without holding back that part of myself.  i didn't used to feel that way.  but steadily, after Obama won, the optimism became more and more out of place here.

    it's just sad to me.  

    it makes me sad.

    •  The spying and growing inequality makes me sad... (1+ / 0-)
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      Meteor Blades

      Priorities, priorities...

      •  Have you been spied on, dclawyer06? (0+ / 0-)

        I am pretty sure that I have been, because I spent the last years working with programmers from Pakistan and talking to them at length about work and movies and a certain 9/11 mastermind who was killed in their town.  

        And never once was the fact that someone was probably listening come even CLOSE to being as important to me as marriage equality and winding down the wars my brothers were fighting in and banning pre existing conditions, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....

        So, you got me, dclawyer06.  My priorities are all fucked up.  

        •  What we need is an opt-in registry... (1+ / 0-)
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          for those, like you, eager to open their lives to the NSA. You can sign up and they can snoop on you freely and with your consent.

          But the rest of us should have our 4th amendment privacy rights respected.
          Full stop.

          •  my point wasn't that it isn't important to me (1+ / 0-)
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            it's that it's not even close to my highest priority.  remember, you're the one who said 'priorities, priorities' to me as if my priorities are fucked up.

            you know, about a year ago I requested my birth and foster care records.  i'm nearing 40 and i was finally ready to reach out to my birth family.  my records came in the form of about 4 inches of photo copied pages of documentation of my 6 years in foster care.  everything was there.  and since i have no memory of my birth parents, even though they visited me weekly for 5 years until their rights were taken away completely, these documents of every visit are almost all i have of them.  

            i can read about the time my dad read me Pinocchio and then tried to teach me the difference between a story and what is real.  i can read about how he taught my older brother math.  i can read about the time i asked him what happened to the lady who usually came with him and he called her my mom and i told him that she wasn't my mom and he told me he was my dad and i told him that he wasn't, because i didn't know they were my birth parents.  i can read the comments made about all of these encounters and see the thought pattern behind how i was finally permanently taken away from them.

            on one hand, i can't express how much these records mean to me, because they are the only connection i have to parents that actually wanted me (even though their problems meant they could care for me).  

            but on the other hand, the records are so violating.  especially the way the people writing them wrote with such heartless mocking.  they were such fucking assholes.  just mean people.  cruel people.  and i have to read their cruel words to have any connection with my birth parents.

            so, believe me when i say that i appreciate the anger about being violated by being spied on by the government.  especially when it's "for our own good".  

            not being spied on is important to me, but it's not even close to being the most important thing.  and definitely not important enough to overshadow all of the good things that are important to me.  i care more about my best friend from high school being allowed to get married in our state.  i care more about my wife not being denied mental care for a pre-existing condition.  i care more about my brother in law and my younger adopted brother coming home from Iraq alive after multiple tours.  i can't prioritize being spied on over those things.  i just can't.

            •  oops... medical care not mental care :P (2+ / 0-)
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              dclawyer06, freakofsociety
              •  Anton, with all due respect to the sensitivities.. (0+ / 0-)

                surrounding your search for your birth parents, I have to object to the comparison between the record keeping attendant to an adoption to the NSA's data collection.

                Those things are not the same. The NSA isn't doing this for the benefit of the citizens. Hell, they won't even explain their motivations beyond cheap fear-mongering about terrorism(which makes me wonder why they're eavesdropping on Brazil, is there an Al Qaeda cell in Sao Paolo)?

                No disrespect, but I'm not buying it.

                •  well, i don't see the benefit (0+ / 0-)

                  of writing that a dad's heart was broken to find out his son doesn't know he's his dad (and laughing about it as you write about it like it's funny).  it just seems like they used their power to look out for me to violate moments of intimacy.

                  and i mentioned it to express to you that while there are higher priorities for me, i completely agree with how you feel about spying.

                  take yes for an answer, man ;)

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