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View Diary: Mr. President: When Michelle Bachmann & Peter King Agree w/ You, You're on Wrong Side of NSA Debate (125 comments)

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  •  Rand Paul opposes the 1965 Civil Rights Act (0+ / 0-)

    So I wouldn't say he has a great HUMAN RIGHTS record, in fact, given the history of the country he Lives in, I'd say he has a horrible human rights record, the worst record of anyone in Congress.  IMO, when it comes to human rights, the US history's worst offenses on that score have been about race, by far, not about any of the other issues that Rand Paul's hatred of government causes him to fall on the "right side" of as a side effects.  So if a US public official is wrong on HUMAN RIGHTS when it comes too race, then he's not one that progressives should want to side with on HUMAN RIGHTS.

    As evil as Cheney is, he's no racist, nor does he oppose the civil rights act or the enforcement thereof.  Given this country's history, Paul's HUMAN RIGHTS stance is worse than Cheney's, Paul's saving grace is that he hasn't been in a position of power to implement his ideas, unlike Cheney.

    And there are more to HUMAN RIGHTS than race or NSA, such as worker safety rights, child labor rights, the right to breath clean air and drink clean water, disability rights, Tec, all of which Paul comes down on the wrong side of, unlike Cheney, and those things have more immediate impact on people's Lives than NSA does.

    So when it comes to reverse appeals to authority, I wouldn't agree that Cheney is the worse of the two to be in agreement with even on HUMAN RIGHTS.  

    They both suck though. :). Which is one reason why the reverse appeal to authority doesn't work.  This diarist has made strong, eloquent arguments for the progressive side of this issue, and other issues as well.  But this diary is nowhere near up to his usual standards.

    •  There is only one of the two (0+ / 0-)

      that is guilty of an indictable crime against humanity.  I don't have to defend Ron Paul at all to point out the enormous difference that makes.

      Ron Paul is also, by the way, opposed to torture.  Good for him.  I can oppose him on everything else but embrace him on that point.  There are too many on the right that are actually PROUD of torturing prisoners of the US government and want the world to know about it so they can all know what big swingin' dick people we are.  

      I also suspect that if/when it comes out that Obama is still torturing people, that there will be some here who find ways to justify/rationalize it.  If that ever comes to pass, you know which side I'll be on without any resort to appeals to authority, positive or negative.

      •  I know Paul opposes torture. (1+ / 0-)
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        Which affects like 0.00000001% of the population.  He also opposes enforcement of civil rights law.  Which affects over 30% of the population.  Paul also opposes environmental protection law, which affects. 100% of the population.

        Fine, the "Stand with Rand" crowd wants to defend Rand Paul's human rights record.  lol.  Why?  You don't need him to make your case against the NSA.  

        Your baseless suspicion that Obama is torturing people doesn't impress me; your suspicion is just a manifestation of your belief that the President is a sadistic monster horrible human being, whatever.  You have no proof, so who cares about your "suspicions".  You know what?  At FreeRepublic they "suspect" that the President is a Kenyan Manchurian candidate intent on imposing Shariah law on the land.  They have no proof for their suspicions and you have no proof for yours.

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