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View Diary: Which 22 Democrats Don't Believe That the Gitmo Detainees Cleared for Release Deserve Freedom? (18 comments)

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  •  Shaker AAmer is a UK resident with a (4+ / 0-)

    British wife and family. There has been a steady demand from public opinion and supposedly the British Government for his return -  most recently at the G-8 summit in N. Ireland.

    Perhaps the Cameron government is playing games here, but Aamer is apparently one of the coordinators of the hunger strike and has spent 11 years denied the habeus corpus rights he is due as a British resident.

    So there is at least one case of a detainee, whose country is publicly lobbying for his return, and who is dying in Guantanamo. As this guardian account details the US is saying that they will only repatriate him to Saudi Arabia, where he will be disappeared, and not to the country he would want to return to - the UK.

    This is a grotesque sham - that can be ended by one person - President Obama. Call Cameron's bluff and send him back the the UK.

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