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View Diary: Remember the two black teens who killed the baby? (273 comments)

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  •  From what I read: (14+ / 0-)

    1) The father, Louis Santiago, was charged with stalking his wife (and mother of the deceased baby), Sherry West. That apparently happened prior to this incident. Interestingly, he lives right across the street from her.

    2) No story I read was clear about how the younger boy became a suspect. The older boy was identified by Sherry West from a picture line-up of 24 black boys.

    3) The older boy is part of a family with arrest records, but I didn't find anything that indicated that he had a record.

    4) No gang mentioned.

    5) Sherry West is the only witness. Neighbors heard the shots (4) and called 911, then went outside and saw her trying to administer CPR.

    6) According to Sherry West's daughter, age 21, who was taken from her mother at age 8 and only recently been in contact with her, said her mother is bi-polar.

    I only spent about an hour yesterday reading articles from various sources, so there may be more information I didn't get to.

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