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View Diary: Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Reactor (34 comments)

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    Obama Amabo

    I follow Peswiki news about twice a month:

    They have the best roundup of esoteric energy news that I know of.  Don't necessarily believe any of it but it is interesting to see what is going on.  Currently, the new physics of Norberto Keppe is what is piquing my interest, especially as the Keppe fan motor seems to have just been awarded a US patent, according to Peswiki.

    The Rossi and Defkalion LENR devices are probably closest to commercialization (although there are rumors that Mitsubishi has been using LENR devices in some of its machinery based upon the Fleishmann/Pons work for years now).  My friends who are in the esoteric energy field are optimistic but cautious.  

    As for the knee-jerk skeptics, there is plenty of room for skepticism but the knee-jerk response is not useful.

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