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View Diary: Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Reactor (34 comments)

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    Thank you for the interest mookins. The basic claim by the Defkalion company goes as follows. A specially prepared nickel "lattice" is loaded with hydrogen gas. The reactor is heated using electric resistance heaters similar to a space heater. Then a high voltage spark discharge is applied using a proprietary technique. When the reactor "ignites"'it starts discharging heat (in the form of water heated to steam). During the july 23 demonstration when the power of the discharged water was calculated it was conservatively shown to be greater than the inputted electrical power by a factor of three. Undeniably this demonstration was conducted by the Defkalion company itself, so of course there is the opportunity for fraud to be committed. However there is a wide spectrum of data being generated by a number of different parties that suggest an effect similar to that being claimed by Defkalion. The net effect of these multiple demonstrations is to be rapidly be closing the "window of likelihood" that LENR is a fraud

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