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View Diary: Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Reactor (34 comments)

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    The reactors definitely have a problem with reliability and reproducibility. Whether a given reactor functions or not is highly dependent on minuscule differences in how the reactive materials are prepared. The inventors have their hands full sorting this out. Thus they have not yet "closed the loop"'by using the generated heat to produce enough electricity to run the reactor and have power left to sell. This is an engineering issue that I think could easily be solved once enough eyes are opened to the possibility that the LENR effect is real

    •  It's not an 'engineering issue' (2+ / 0-)
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      mookins, polecat

      it's a red flag that they are likely engaging in crack-pot science.

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        Good morning Ozy. I wonder if you are aware that a colloquiem of "crackpot" tenured university professors from around the planet have been meeting in Missouri this week to discuss and present their LENR research? If you are not a pseudoskeptic, ie you can stomach data that may not agree with your worldview, you may wish to review the link which at the moment is featuring the presentations of the International Conference on Cold Fusion 18 (18 means it is the eighteenth year these guys have been meeting). ICCF-18 was the primary recipient of the video-streamed Defkalion demonstration I refer to in my original post here, and scientists from ICCF-18 have been collaborating with the Defkalion corporation. It is time for the world to pay attention. That is unless you prefer the Schadenfreude of choosing between managing scarcity or watching Manhatten sink under twenty meters of glacial melt.

        •  I've met several tenured university professors (1+ / 0-)
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          that were 'true believers' and still wrong, demonstrably so.

          Granted, it was in a tangentially related area, IEC fusion, or electro-statically confined fusion championed by the likes of Miley and Bussard. And, of course, IEC actually does 'fuse', it just doesn't scale to a reactor, so their beliefs are a bit more excusable.

          So far, cold fusion has largely operated as science-by-press release, instead of the normal process of peer review.

          Yet another red flag.

          But the two options you present are a false dichotomy. Both fission power and renewable energy provide solutions to reign in, and hopefully reverse climate change. Regular hot fusion may do so as well, though that will be several decades in the future at the earliest.

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