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  •  Dude: Geography will save Obama. (0+ / 0-)

    Israel borders Syria.

    Israel is clearly scared shitless by the thought of a Sarin-using Syria that's dependent on Hezbollah for it's continued existence because the Israelis are the ones who gave Obama the communications intercepts that started this. And I don't blame the Israelis one bit.

    I've seen plenty of stuff from anti-Israeli congresspeople on how Syria is a terrible place to intervene, talking up Congressional powers, etc. But Cantor is silent.

    What's gonna happen is simple: come Tuesday there will be a meeting in DC at which the tapes will be played. A translator will translate them. The Israelis will have a guy, probably a pretty important guy like a Cabinet Minister, there to explain how scared he is. Obama's person will explain exactly what the president will demand, which military units will be involved, where they'll be flying from, etc. AIPAC will glare at everyone.

    And by Wednesday the anti-war faction will be gone.

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