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  •  Sodomy laws... (2+ / 0-)
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    Subterranean, Brown Thrasher

    When I was in the USAF, in the early 90s, in their various 'moral crimes' briefings that were mostly about the "evils of gay people", they actually included a caution about 'heterosexual sodomy' and brought out a 'case' of someone serving some multi-decade sentence for acts committed with his wife...

    (No idea if that was a real case, or made up to scare us...)

    They will tell you sodomy laws will hit heterosexuals also, but selective prosecution will make that as likely as a white man (anglo or hispanic) being convicted of killing a black teen in a hoodie...

    Ain't going to happen all that often.

    On the other hand - it is a great "Bias neutral" way to be extremely biased and go after gays.

    Much as 'marijuana and peyote laws' are used to go after Rastafarians and Traditional Native Americans in an 'nondiscriminatory manner' while psychedelics used in white churches have recently been giving court approval as 'for religious purposes:

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