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  •  They could do something... (0+ / 0-)

    But there's different ways to do something.

    Quietly exert direct pressure on various governments to severely inconvenience a guy who can only travel because he has a piece of paper from us? Easy, so Snowden's screwed. Do whatever the hell we want to a military detainee, who has limited Constitutional Rights? Easy. Read the 5th Amendment.

    Convincing two woman Assange trusted to a) seduce him, and b) claim it was rape? That's fucking hard. It's not like the CIA has a magical person-creation machine at Langley. For an operation like this you need a lot of boxes to be checked:

    1) The woman has to be trusted by Julian Assange. This means she needs a credible back-story, including a long record of skepticism of US power.

    2) The woman has to be willing to sleep with Julian Assange. She then has to be willing to file a piece of paperwork telling the world her lover, who she also likes politically (see point 1), is actually an evil rapist. In other words she must be a sociopath.

    3) She must be an incredibly loyal sociopath. The book advance for "How the CIA paid me to frame Julian Assange" would be worth millions. The movie would be worth more.

    What are the odds that a) two women who fullfill all three of these criteria live in Sweden (which has less then 5 million women), and b) the CIA is implanted so deeply within Swedish society that it could find them, without accidentally picking up a woman who is really good at being a fake pro-Assange sociopath but will be loyal to the US Government until death?

    Look, if this particular operation was actually possible, how many times do you think Chavez would have been accused of rape?

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