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View Diary: Paved with good intentions: The folly of 'open' electoral primaries (151 comments)

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  •  Some other aspects to think about (1+ / 0-)
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    As I see it, much of the bad result of what has gone on here is a failure of the Democratic Party to think strategically.  Seems to me the party ought to have enough leverage to get the single-digit candidates who end up being spoilers to drop out of some of these races.  Also, a demonstrable result of the top-two plus the redistricting is that we have more Democrats, but worse Democrats than before - at least in the state legislature - which in a way was a goal of the process, but an unhappy result from my standpoint.  When most of the districts were gerrymandered to be safe for one party or the other, most of our Dems were pretty progressive.  But the Republicans, for all their failings, have been more strategic than the Dems about funneling money to "business" Democrats in districts where a Republican can't win.  So we have more Democrats, but many of them will vote with the Dems on social issues, side with the big business interests on money related issues.  In a district like mine, which is safe Republican, but not by an overwhelming majority, the Dems ought to be able do coalesce around a more moderate, sane Republican who could be peeled off to vote with the Dems on some issues.  But that will never happen because the party doesn't seem to think that way - or maybe because there aren't any sane Republicans, but there are plenty of squishy Dems available happy to take Republican support.

    "Wouldn't you rather vote for what you want and not get it than vote for what you don't want - and get it?" Eugene Debs. "Le courage, c'est de chercher la verite et de la dire" Jean Jaures

    by Chico David RN on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 11:15:44 AM PDT

    •  In CA there are no longer sane republicans (1+ / 0-)
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      The far right took over the republican Party in CA in the mid 90s and those sane republicans like Tom Campbell got out of politics, or left the party completely. If the far right had not taken over their party Tom Campbell would have beaten Barbara Boxer in the 1998 Senate  race, but like many sane republicans now , Campbell never made it to the general election because a radical republican named Dan Lungren beat him in the primary.

      There is no new generation of sane republicans nationwide because in the mid 90 all the candidates trained to run for office locally, statewide who have  now moved up to run for national office were recruited and trained to run for office by the Christian Coalition led by Ralph Reed. The CC also recruited and trained the activist base that has now joined forces with selfish libertarians to form the Tea Parry base of the not so GOP.

      And the Democrats are not anti business.

      •  While I agree there are no sane Republicans... (0+ / 0-)

        ... You ave some of the facts wrong. Tom Campbell ran for Senate in 1992 and got beat in the primary by Bruce Herschensohn, who went on to lose to Barbara Boxer.

        Dan Lungren ran for Governor in 1998, losing to Gray Davis. And yes, Lungren is a conservative jerk, who thankfully got turfed out of Congress last cycle.  

        As for the assertion that Campbell would have beaten Boxer, that's hard to say. He did do a better job of selling the "moderate Republican" bullshit that they bother with in CA anymore.

        •  Should have been "don't bother with in CA" (0+ / 0-)

          in the last sentence.

        •  sorry my mistakea about Campbell (0+ / 0-)

          En though I am a storing supporter of Boxer, I was involved in CA  pro-choice politics at the time.

          Many moderate republicans (no independents) vote for Feinstein, however they do not vote for Boxer. Boxer was lucky that Campbell got beat in the primary because even some moderate pro-business Democrats my have voted for him, as he was strongly pro-choice.

      •  1998 primaries (0+ / 0-)

           Lungren ran for Gov, not Senate in 1998. He got the GOP nomination and lost to the aptly named "Gray" Davis. The GOP candidate for Senator against Babs that year was Matt Fong, the one-term CA Treasurer. Fong was a relative moderate for a Repub. His mother, March Fong Eu, was a Democratic legislator who went on to be Secretary of State for about 20 years (before term limits).

              If any Repub was going to beat Boxer it was Fong but obviously he did not succeed. Our dark haired Senator from Marin County was replaced by a blonde from Palm Springs; Boxer moved and dyed her hair...

              Campbell ran against DiFi in 2000, got the nomination but lost the general election in a landslide.  He also ran in '92 but lost the GOP nomination to Bruce Herschenson, a right-winger. That time the spoiler candidate was Sonny Bono, another moderate, who split that part of the GOP electorate. Bono was Mayor of Palm Springs and had name recognition from his previous career as a singer, songwriter and actor. There used to be some moderate GOPers in the 20th century. You might be mixing '92 up with '98.

        Diehard Swingnut, disgruntled Democrat, age 55, CA-30

        by Zack from the SFV on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 01:49:42 PM PDT

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