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View Diary: UPDATED: North Carolina Gen. Assembly takes back 100 years of voters' rights (189 comments)

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  •  This is just a taste of what's coming . . . (10+ / 0-)

    to your home state next. This is how Republicans are reacting to the demographic time-bomb that awaits them. They're going to do all they can to consolidate power, democratic principles be damned. They know they have nothing to offer to minorities, immigrants & young people, so they have chosen instead to do what they can to lock them out of political participation.

    But don't assume that such a strategy is doomed to failure. Remember, the future looked bright for black people in the South in the 1870s - they gained the rights of citizenship, gained the right to vote, gained political representation & power, gained access to education . . . & then it was ALL taken away, piece by piece. It started with rednecks toting guns, voter intimidation, the takeover of the state legislatures, a climate of economic distress that reactionary political forces were able to exploit to their advantage, a federal government that lost the will to enforce racial equality, & a U.S. Supreme Court that turned its back on the persons the 14th & 15th amendments were enacted to protect. We MUST stand up & fight like these brave progressives in N.C., because it CAN happen again. Indeed it IS happening again.

    Conservatives do not consider voting to be an inalienable right; in their view, it's a privilege, one that can be rightly denied to people based on conduct, moral character, or any number of reasons. As always in the South, it's fundamentally about race. Underlying all this recent activity is the notion that this is a white man's country & the conviction to do what must be done to keep it that way.

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