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View Diary: Whistleblower to Colleagues at the State Department: Did You Really Sign Up for This? (46 comments)

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    Sounds like the ignorance and arrogance are on your side.

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      State what you object to in my post. Indicate what shows my ignorance and what shows my arrogance. Mindless, undocumented statements of hostility are not worthy of members of Daily Kos.

      Before you do, be aware that I did a five-diary post analyzing the Honduras coup, including well over 100 references. Be aware that I read the State Department briefings (or at least the parts dealing with countries that I cover) on a daily basis. Be aware that I can back up what I say about Egypt with references to, say, Brookings, the Australian, the AP, and other news sources.  

      I'm really tired of people who throw out personal insults without having anything actual to say.

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