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View Diary: Another dead transwoman of color…this time in Philadelphia (again) (24 comments)

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    I still wonder why that disconnect with your body took place. It doesn't seem to me that that sort of thing should be able to happen if we weren't handed our gender roles like little pink or blue hats before we even take our first breaths.

    Our broken society doesn't make enough little yellow hats and it makes far too many assumptions about how people should act and think based on superficial fluff like genitalia. You and I and every one of us were subjected to the indoctrination of gender role stereotypes from countless sources all our lives. And when the truth of who we are inside doesn't match what we appear to be on the outside then all the gender role garbage strapped to our genitalia can become too much of a burden.

    I think about transitional surgery similarly to the way I think about oriental people getting their eyelids surgically altered to conform to some foreign and artificial concept of beauty. I cannot condemn the act itself because above all else I believe that your body is yours to do with what you want to-- but I see the need to surgically alter healthy flesh as a symptom of a deep, societal disease that forces us to conform to narrow, unnatural standards.

    There are too many variables of physical sexual characteristics, too many sexual orientations and far too many roles attached to gender for anyone to fit neatly into just two categories labelled merely "male" or "female".

    I'm also bothered by piercing and tattoos though. I see it all as mutilating healthy flesh. But I guess we all do what we must to feel better about this body of ours that the world sees and the world judges. We're all just trying to fit in, one way or another.

    I shaved my face yesterday. In a way, that too is just an act of conformity. And yet, I suffer and conform and feel better about myself.

    Not really analogous to the changes of reassignment surgery but I've hopefully pointed out that in some small way I see my own hypocrisy.

    That said, I should perhaps add that I think that reassignment surgery is something that should be paid for by health insurance. I think of it as just another cost of living in an intolerant society.  

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