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  •  I'm gonna tell you a story. (3+ / 0-)

    I ride the bus. I get to watch people.

    So I am at a major bus transfer station. A family has found a little niche behind one fence and in front of another. Kind of an un-owned piece of ground about 15' by maybe 30'. They have started a small farmers market there. They are very cute. And fight a lot in a language I don't understand, so they may not even be fighting at all.

    This time I was there and noticed a woman talking to the farmer's market people. I noticed her because she looked so much like my daughter's babysitter. Pretty like Anna, slender but a little rough looking. She was wearing a dress that looked like she got it from Goodwill. Polyester, short, probably at one time an evening dress.

    It becomes evident she is trying to interest the farmer's market couple in a large box of avocados.  The farmer's market couple does not want the avocados. So the Anna look alike starts motioning emphatically. I see she is beckoning a car across the street. The car is an older junker, trunk up, and loaded full of stuff.

    The car starts towards her and she starts screaming, you're gonna run over the curb. Clunk sparks fly. Yes she did run over the curb. But she pulls over to where we all are.

    The Anna look alike picks up the huge box of avocados and generally asks if anyone wants 50 pounds of avocados. She says she has 200 pounds. She takes the case and begins to put it in the trunk of the junker car full of produce. The driver then decides to take off. She screams again. The driver stops.

    Miraculously no avocados were lost. The Anna look alike then shoves the carton on top of the others in the trunk with her foot. Slams the trunk shut and screams Mother Fucker. Gets in the car and they drive off.

    This is in a crowd of 20 non-English speaking grannies who completely understood her English. I think several made the sign of the Cross. There was a collective sigh of relief as the fruit vendors drove off to who knows where.

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