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View Diary: Washington Post: White House may insist on repealing sequester as part of spending deal (63 comments)

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    Thought one of the failures of the first few months of his second term is not pushing for the sequester to disappear and put the pressure on the GOP for obstructing. The sequester (which was never suppose to happen because it would be damaging and unpopular they said) came upon us and somehow it seemed everybody was OK with it. It is one of the major things right now keeping the recovery from being more robust and the public would rally around someone who made the case for ending it.

    Know there are some here who are OK with the sequester because it is hitting defense. The case for limiting the defense budget is a long term issue and should not be addressed with the sequester. So you are humanitarian and you want to see the defense budget limited no matter what the cost. Well that humanitarian cost is people who face economic misery because of unemployment and a weakened economy. Keynes use to say he wouldn't mind if we paid people to dig ditches just to fill them up again. I don't care if we have people who are working because they live near a thriving military base.

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