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View Diary: Close NSA vote in House has results: Intelligence committees reviewing options (62 comments)

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  •  Thanks, Cronewit! (1+ / 0-)
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    Great point about the contractors perhaps holding/storing. That would be an example of playing semantic games to technically tell the truth but actually lie.

    The quote you give illustrates the problem. The Verizon program gathers metadata. But "by other methods" it has access to content, according to Bamford.

    What are the "other methods"? It may refer to Binney's "Stellar Wind" revelations or to the Narus revelations by Mark Klein in Hepting v. AT&T (which may be part of UPSTREAM that Bamford describes). The article you link mentions Greenwald and the FISA opinion, although that is less clear and definitely unclear as to what "methods."  

    An additional problem is that Senators think that programs have been shut down when they may not have been. Ron Wyden just gave an interview congratulating himself on stopping the NSA from reading e-mail. I really doubt that is true, but of course don't know.

    In order to persuade my Senator to question his assumptions, I would probably have to be able to name the NSA program, state whether it is collecting and storing the content of domestic phone calls, and provide media sources to show that the program is current.  

    •  PS on Wyden article (1+ / 0-)
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      Just as I hit 'post', a thought occurred to me --

      In the article you linked, Wyden says Obama Admin told him (or a group? if so who?) they shut down the email operation a couple of weeks before that interview . . . .

      . . . . don't you think that should have made the news?

      For us commoners, I mean.  If Obama Admin had shut this down, why didn't hey announce it?  Wyden is obviously careful (in the article) not to reveal classified info, so if he said this so clearly it must not be classified.  And if it's not classified, why wasn't it made public?  Even if it was spin (and Wyden was naively credulous), why didn't they use this as part of their attempt to block Amash/Conyers?

      Smells fishy to me.  

    •  CharlesII, I lost a comment (1+ / 0-)
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      before the 'PS' below.  Which is a bummer.  But it's getting really late and I have to quit now.  Check your kosmail for a couple of tidbits.  Thanks for the Wyden link.  I'll keep an eye out for more/better sources.  Hope I can be of help.

      RE: Wyden stopping email. (A very irresponsible headline, imo).  Have closed that link, so cna't quote, but Wyden said that 'Obama Admin said they had stopped email.  Them 'saying' and 'telling the truth' are not always the same.

      Sorry, really tired now.  Glad to help as I can.

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