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View Diary: Why the San Francisco Bay Area Deserves Better Public Transit (142 comments)

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    Radiowalla, verso2

    There's a whole group running around arguing against the TOD (Transit-Oriented Development/Priority Development Area) plans put forward by ABAG/MTC, etc.  There's ABAG/MTC's Plan Bay Area that prioritizes development near transit hubs.  Now, this has the kooks up in arms, starting with Corte Madera, moving out to Orinda and east ward.  Areas that have done TOD (Pleasant Hill, Fruitvale) are cited as examples of what doesn't work.  There's Agenda 21 folks who show up at City Council meetings too.

    There's arguments for both sides.  NYC MTA may work for the boroughs but ABAG/MTC looks like ceding too much local control to the region.  After living years through Sacto managing from top-down, I think folks are rightfully skeptical about "expert" plans (BART was an expert plan once, mostly done right, but not all according to plan, right?).  While TOD works in urbanized cities (Oak/Berkeley/El Cerrito), it may not work in the suburbs (WC/PH, Concord, Fremont).  But on the otherhand, sprawl has never worked...  

    but, pay attention, there are kooks in the Bay Area aplenty.  Michael Savage is a Marinite after all!

    bonzo goes to bitburg should be required listening...

    by decitect on Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 12:08:40 PM PDT

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