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  •  my mother just died 14 months ago (2+ / 0-)
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    unfangus, Farugia

    at 93.

    she insisted things were worse now then during the Great Depression and even WWII.  she said this repeatedly.

    she based that on how people pulled together during those times and the inexhorable difficulty of making a living.

    she worked in a sweat shop her entire life, into her 80s.

    only in her 80s did she get to the point that her employer got away with not paying her at all.

    my parents who were without high school diplomas managed to keep a roof over my head until i graduated college.

    i have a phd and may lose only the second home i have ever 'owned' to bankruptcy solely because of the real estate downturn.  a lifetime of professional work buys you very little in 21st century america.

    they never would have believed i would have had to struggle so hard with a phd.  never.  she saw it before she died though.

    i am from a working poor background.  in retrospect, my education bought me very little in the way of economic security and maybe less from the perspective of satisfaction.

    for this, and many other reasons, i completely reject the idea that things were worse in the past.  

    i think that ideology is part of our piss poor education about history.

    my grandfather died of lung cancer after a lifetime of union leadership in the coal mines of western pennsyvania.  i never got a chance to meet him, but i believe he was smart enough to agree with his daughter.

    •  also, we were not facing (0+ / 0-)

      1. degradation of the environment to the point humans may not be able to survive on this planet

      2. rise of fascism, again, with little agreement concerning how to fight it

      3. reduction of the notion of the good life to buying the latest crap and then buying it again

      4. destruction of the concept of education so that education is simply consumer management

      5. the largest aging population in history absent any plans for doing more than warehousing them

      6. in the usa, the largest prison population in the history of the globe: larger than stalin's gulags

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