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View Diary: Republicans Bum Rush the democratic process and lay siege to your future. (17 comments)

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  •  It has taken the Koch bros decades to (5+ / 0-)

    reach this point. They KNEW what they wanted. They HIRED all kinds of folks to get the propaganda out to the news media. They USED their advertising dollars to nudge the news media to go their way I would be willing to bet.

    What have we got after "crashing the gates?" Do we get respect? Do we get a seat at the table? Do we get a microphone (other than dKos radio?

    We need to have a lot better plan than we got now.

    It is no accident that we find ourselves on this cliff looking at the ground crumbling beneath us. The Kochs have been working for years to get us to this point and they have been highly successful because nobody saw them coming.

    Koch expose by Jane Mayer

    But the Kochs and others in their class knew what they wanted. They knew they wanted the new deal destroyed. They knew they wanted the civil rights acts destroyed. They knew exactly what they wanted and they created think tanks and they created a vast propoganda machine. And they have been busy especially in the last few years creating their own fiefdoms in the states. The Scott Walkers, the Rick Scotts, all of the rrepublican governors and all of the republican state houses are a result of this blitz on our democracy.

    So what do you want? Do you want to just hang around and watch the ground crumble? Or do you want to rumble? And what is the result that you want after the rumbling?

    What I want to do some peeling too. Just as the Koch's have peeled back the new deal and voting rights and cemented the Chamber of Commerce as the chief constituent of the pols and the SCOTUS, I want to do some pretty tall peeling of my own. I want to take down the MIC. I want to take down the revolving door between K street and the Hill. I want to reinstate the New Deal with a frickin vengeance. I want to create a voter's rights act that will ensure that every one gets a fair shot at voting and everyone's votes count. AND they have the information needed to make a fair vote.

    And I want an education process that will ensure that people KNOW when they are about to shoot themselves in the foot for voting for some ahole. I want people to KNOW the extent of the Koch conspiracy and the extent of the rot and treason that exists in our government and I want every person to be as upset and offended by the stench as I am.

    One cannot seriously debate an issue when one side controls access to the facts and is economical with the truth, while at the same time introducing blatant falsehoods into the discussion. - Joe Shikspack

    by glitterscale on Sat Jul 27, 2013 at 10:14:42 AM PDT

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