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  •  overview of tonight's diary (5+ / 0-)

    again, thanks for the links and material

    i went through the material and made some rough categories of items

    i am not expecting joe to cover everything, this is just one way to review all the things he has pulled together

    9 items on Snowden, NSA, privacy, etc. This issue has been invisible for years and now with The Snowden Effect, aided by Glenn Greenwald and many others, including legislators. Something else that is very important is that past people who told about these crimes can now speak up because the cat is out of the bag. In other words, these issues have been talked about for years but without the documents and the way that they have been let out (which allows politicians and others to OUT themselves. Isn't it great to see them hoist on their own petards. And Greenwald has said that the best is yet to come.)

    The government has flat out lied to all of us and has destroyed privacy for the whole world.

    The rule of law has been thrown over the wall. In Dirty Wars, Scahill describes how Cheney and Rumsfield had an agenda for decades and with 9/11 enacted it in secret. They set the stage for what has gone on now and Obama has bought in all the way including the NSA and the special ops like JSOC.

    1 item on Bradley Manning   excellent show today on and article on common dreams about the support all over the world with demonstrations, etc. Now that The Snowden Effect has changed the perception of the USA through out the world, the travesty in the "trial" of Bradley Manning is getting the wrong kind of coverage.

    The goal of the attack on whistle blowers is to intimidate everyone to shut up about what the government is doing. And what corporations are doing as shown by animal rights terrorists who film Animal Farms. The judge let stand the charge of aiding the enemy which by that logic could hold for me writing anything on the internet, publication sources like NY times, dailykos, etc. any reporter who talks with someone could be complicit in the crime ..

    and all these infractions could lead to a death sentence


    the government must have even more crap hidden than we realize.

    for example, what was in the millions of deleted emails that Karl Rove destroyed? And his emails were required by law to be on the white house computer, but they were on the same computer system which tallies the votes.

    Now that the world no longer can trust USA, the trial of a private who told the truth and risked his own life so that people can know what is being done in their name

    now Bradley Manning who has been tortured will be convinced by a military "justice" system

    and the judge on the case has already booked a promotion to move upstairs. Michael Rattner on democracy now this morning noted this. During the trial of Daniel Ellsberg it was leaked that Nixon had promised the judge the job of the head of the FBI and that caused a big backlash. How times have changed when lying and corruption are an everyday occurrence.

    two links on detroit  

    ecomomic issues included: class war, recession forever, and starvation and poverty in Greece.

    the fact that the horrible economic condition has been overshadowed by the civil liberties issues is amazing

    Climate 4 items: BP, Obama weak tea, Spills in Alberta and Halliburton (not exactly the environment but related to energy)

    The climate issue could end civilization and the governments of the world have not faced up to it. As long as they are serving the 1%, there can be more delay. Many think that delay is worse than denial.

    Politics must be part of addressing these issues.

    In summary, The Snowden Effect has outed the political and business leaders and shown that one area that was thought to be a path to the future, the internet and electronic devices,  is actually 1984. And as we see coups turn bad and the trillions we have spent on war and killing and along the way the violations of international law not work out, a big time reset is needed.

    Delay on root problems which are interconnected - the delay itself is criminal. We surely can blame politicians and oligarchs, but we also have to place the blame on the American culture. There is a whole book about this "Why America Failed."

    A rant before bed time. Probably after others have already left for the night.  

    •  evening don... (3+ / 0-)

      thanks for the meta-analysis of the news section.  the news i post is the news i am paying attention to for the most part and i guess the relative proportion of items (probably a sampling of a couple of weeks would give a more accurate picture) indicates where most of my attention is.

      i'm part of the 99% - america's largest minority

      by joe shikspack on Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 07:52:30 PM PDT

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