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    Actually. Ya- joined a whole week ago. So here's the deal- as I have said in another post, I have need reading Daily Kos for just a tad over a year. Considered myself libertarian and still do to a point I guess. However since reading here, I've had my viewpoint challenged and realized that I have more in common with the Democratic Party than I ever realized. I've not been a regular voter but did last year and voted mosty D too.

    As it was pointed out to me by someone else, my posts suck and are low grade. I suppose so.. New to community writing and posting. But I feel strongly in RBKA so I feel confident in posting on that. Keystone and ACA- not anywhere near policy deep so I won't comment. It's a comfort thing. But DK has moved me over.. But the way some people respond to new posters sometimes pushes them away.

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