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View Diary: Let Me Show You Why People Support Scott Walker (+ some videos) (172 comments)

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  •  I want him done well before Nov 2016 (7+ / 0-)

      Look, I get the glee that people on the coasts have at just how badly Walker would get destroyed if he ever was the GOP nominee for president (and he would- he'd make Ryan's performance look competent). But speaking from experience, let's not even risk having that sociopath close to power, as too much media would try to keep the race as close as possible, regardless of reality.

       I want the Wisconsin media and Walker's propaganda machine confronted and put away in 2014. And I think it's very doable, IF us and the DPW confront the lies, expose the Bradley puppetmasters on AM radio, and shame the Wisconsin media into being remotely fair.


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