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View Diary: Why Not Engineer Animals with Human-level Consciousness? (143 comments)

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    1. What would be the purpose of this?  So you've genetically inserted some human brain cells into some other mammal.  Now what?  I'm ignoring some of the technical issue (other than quantity and customization, how different are human brain cells anyway?  Chimpanzees have brains close to ours; what they never had was an evolutionary thread where intelligence was beneficial to survival).

    2. Human intelligence (and a lot of the supporting stuff that makes us human) is itself a product of evolution.  ("Artificial intelligence" does not mean computers with excellent speech processing and a bad attitude like HAL 9000, and hasn't been since the 1960s.  You find most AI these days in things like the speech analysis software used by the NSA, analytics, and more mundane applications.  My car's automatic transmission has a fuzzy-logic based system for deciding my driving style and setting its shift pattern appropriately; another track adjusts it as the rest of the drivetrain ages.)  It's unclear why you would want a computer that thinks like a human.  (And in certain respects that's impossible.  Humans have hormones, and for the most part computers don't, not even with the bizarre act known as the Intel instruction set.)

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