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  •  Agreed. Still, I only see upside in liberals (3+ / 0-)

    reaffirming their support of freedom and individual rights. And "libertarian" is the most commonly used term for that.

    I think Kos recognized the value of this when he wrote about "libertarian Democrats," although I'm not sure if he really thought the whole thing through except on a somewhat superficial level.

    Here you can see Politico grappling with it ("liberal-tarianism"):

    And in other parts of the world you will still find people who are confused by the whole concept of "right wing libertarianism":

    •  It also gets mixed up with neoliberal. (0+ / 0-)

      Historically the British use of liberal was rooted in free trade.

      At the time that Kos wrote that diary there were some people talking about libertarian democrats. I looked around for that when I was researching this diary and it seems to have pretty much gone by the wayside.

      It is the sort of confusing terminology that the sloppy media can play havoc with.

    •  I like the word (0+ / 0-)

      communitarian though it doesn't have much of a pedigree. I grasp my sense of what a decent society should be about.

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