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    Richard Lyon, dkmich

    They concentrate on the vote being closed rather than whether, if the bill was in danger of passing with other voters, would some of the yes votes have turned to no? My gut says they yes votes would have turned no. We have seen this kind of kabuki before. Hell, Greenwald even game up with a great title for it 'the rotating villain" where a previously solid "progressive" will when the time comes vote for or against a bill based on the preference of the establishment. We saw that with the public option where so many people said they were for it until it actually had a chance to pass, and suddenly they changed votes. the interesting aspect of that is, then as now, I suspected there would be little consequence. And guess, for changing their votes, from the Democratic side, there wasn't. Some of them did go onto lose in 2010, but it was due to right wingers. This is what happened with Russ Feingold as I remember.

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