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    That is, if you understood Graeber. He has a subtle sense of humor.

    There are various solutions offered by writers about how to deal with crime. These solutions tend to be far, far less drastic and far more fair, egalitarian, enlightened, and just, than anything seen in authoritarian cultures.

    Most anarchists don't believe in the death penalty, most would eliminate, for the most part, the prison system, most would treat crime as a symptom of social ills, and focus much more on prevention by eliminating the social causes of crime.

    Most anarchists would abolish the excessively punitive system we have in America. Much of the reason for crime (discrimination, poverty, lack of education, etc.) would be eradicated.

    Here are two different articles about how crime would be dealt with in anarchist society. I present two because individuals have different opinions about things, and crime is no exception. Anarchists are not a monolithic bloc with uniform views. If you were in an anarchist society, you would be able to help create the approach to dealing with crime and outliers.

    Please read these articles. I think most people will love the approach.

    Here is an excerpt on one persons opinion:

    However, Anarchists do not believe in a death penalty for any crime. First, death is not a corrective measure. When a person is killed, it in no way changes the act of the violent criminal nor makes the people anymore safe than merely segregating the violent criminal. Therefore, the death penalty is merely a political act. Its sole function is to enable the government to legally murder someone as an example to a group of people it wishes to coerce for reasons beyond the interest of public safety. Second, death is not a deterrent. It is impossible to use the threat of violence to coerce a determined violent criminal into not committing an act of violence because violence is either spontaneous or premeditated. People who go to the trouble to plan crimes of violence do not believe they will be caught.
    Outliers thrown off a cliff? LOL. Hardly. People who continue to violate others in anarchist society might eventually be simply told to leave, to go off to some other community. If the person is murdering people self defense might kick in at some point.

    If I were a person who committed violent crime, I would rather be in an anarchist society any day, in terms of justice, because I believe I would be treated far more equitably than in American capitalistic, authoritarian society.

    "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

    by ZhenRen on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 10:15:16 AM PDT

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