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View Diary: NYT: President Obama Says Income Gap Tearing the Country Apart (272 comments)

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  •  Your eyeroll has no significance, the crticism (0+ / 0-)

    coming from you and your cohorts have been personal in terms of this President foe some time now, where many of you have called the President a "sellout" and even "evil" so yes, if it is personal, the question is, what have you done to better the lives of the people in your community that could even compare to this man.

    And I will say this, when looking at this President, who has passed a healthcare law that millions are already benefiting from, has allowed women to receive contraceptive care, who has allowed millions of people the opportunity to attend college, due to the expanding of the Pell Grant program, and has raised fuel efficiency standards in vehicles, which helps the environment, it is incomprehensible for anyone to say they despise him more than George W. Bush and then claim that they are Democrats, let alone Progressives....  

    Go ahead and roll your eyes now.....

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