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  •  My Mom & I got interrupted (0+ / 0-)

    when finishing our homemade pizza on Friday evening by a roboGOPbot landline bandit from DC callerID.

    Harsh words & voice in the WI battleground..

    But I can't remember which gop merc group; but it was to impeach President Obama press 1. No option for 2. It was hurry up & call some 877 # to opt out. Tried but had greasy fingers.

    I mean they did have a valid argument with all the 4th, 1st and journalistic invasion stuff... but a phone call? I guess it is cheaper than a commercial? The boobtube wasn't on maybe that's why?

    I was going to say it is getting out of control but... we voted in the D column shouldn't that have helped? Maybe they are selling the lists back 'n forth to each other?

    Politics almost ruined a lovely pizza... & that was the only dividing and conquering going on. ;-P

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