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    of these diaries is probably more than a month out. I usually work a month out.

    The first five are a part of the Indians 101 series and will be posted on the Native American Netroots site several weeks before they are posted here. Here on Daily Kos they will be posted as a part of the Native American Netroots group and then republished to History for Kossacks.

    Indians 101 is usually posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Coming up on Tuesday is The Warm Springs Reservation and on Thursday is Honoring Tulalip Veterans

    The last diary on Caxton is a part of my origins of English series which is usually posted here on Saturdays.

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      I really need to poke around Kos more. There are a lot more communities that I would find interesting.  

      I would love to find out more about my father's grandmother who was, according to family lore, Native American from Michigan who moved to Rushford, MN with her husband. We have names, but the name we have for her is after she married my great grandfather and changed her name to the female version of his: he was Joseph and she became Josephine. I have no idea if this is true. We know the genealogy of most of our ancestors except my father's father lineage.

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