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  •  My dad surprised me (5+ / 0-)

    Just after Gil Scott Heron's passing I was riding in the car with my dad and out of the blue he said "Yeah, old Gil Scott Heron passed away. I remember hearing him on the college radio station. I really liked what that cat had to say."

    This floored me because this was my dad.

    He married a woman that has no problem dropping the n-bomb around people of color and starting the sentence with "You" then the bomb goes off and the sentence ends with "need to get out of here." or "are the reason I don't feel safe at night" or "are worthless."

    I figured any man that married an unabashed racist, any man that told jokes about black people, any man that used to ask of any girlfriend I told him about "Is she white?" wouldn't be the sort that gave two shits about, much less listened to and enjoyed, Gil Scott Heron.

    Maybe he just got old and forgot.

    Maybe things are different when whitey isn't on the moon.

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