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View Diary: Dying Co-Creator Of 'The Simpsons' Is Giving His Fortune To Charity (56 comments)

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  •  One of his passions (stopping animal cruelty) (26+ / 0-)

    is in danger of being dismantled in California.

    The LA Times has posted an online article today that reports Republicans and big businesses are trying to dismantle California laws that protect animals and consumers from cruel and unsafe practices.

    The U.S. government has the power to block the laws of California or any other state if the statutes have an impact on interstate commerce or otherwise interfere with federal authority. But Washington has tended to do that sparingly. Democrats there typically don't have a problem with the state's liberal policies, and Republicans have preferred to avoid infringing on states' rights.

    But Republicans have taken up the argument that they need to curb such regulatory trailblazing to protect the rights of other states, particularly deep-red ones that don't want their industries faced with either following California's rules or being cut off from the country's biggest market. They argue that the state's regulations have gotten more aggressive. State officials say a more conservative Republican Party now puts business interests ahead of protecting states from Washington's authority.

    Beyond the proposed federal Chemical Safety Improvement Act, a wide range of California measures are under siege. Agricultural interests have persuaded much of Congress that a state law prohibiting the sale of eggs laid by hens confined to tiny cages should be invalidated. California's foie gras ban has been under attack, as has its ban on the sale of inefficient light bulbs.

    These efforts include lifting protections from endangered species to overturning laws that ban severing shark fins to make soup.

    If your blood pressure is under control, you can read the article at:

    There are some really sick people in positions of leadership in Congress.

    DISCLOSURE: I've enjoyed a long-term friendship with one of the artists who works on The Simpsons. He is one of the good guys in the entertainment business. Sam will be deeply missed by his friends and associates.

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