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View Diary: Warren Buffet's Son Calls For Revolution. Well, Sort Of. (66 comments)

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  •  Yes, Capitalism 2.0 or "Green Capitalism" or (10+ / 0-)

    "White Hat Capitalism" or whatever you want to call it, but I agree with Howard Dean that corporations are neither good nor evil--they are more similar to hockey teams that need strict rules that are being enforced equally on both sides.

    The WTO has wrongfully elevated unelected businessmen who are only about "ROI" to the detriment of the sovereignty of nations to make their own rules, e.g., labor, environment, GMOs.

    Nations like Russia and U.S. alike follow these rules because there is a need for international rules.

    As a result we have rules that put profit before people, but what if we changed the rules for all.

    Why can't we insist that the "cost" to environment  and the "cost" to the middle class was required to be put on the ledger sheet.

    Why can't we make a set of rules that creates, say, an international labor movement where big time "socialist" type subsidies to to workers whenever the unemployment rate is more than 5%.

    What if the top 5% of a business could not be more than 150 times higher than what the bottom 5% make?

    Any other ideas?

    Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

    by Einsteinia on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 11:00:31 AM PDT

    •  I don't think they're like hockey teams, (4+ / 0-)

      really. They're more like some sort of paranormal creature. They are potentially immortal. Their consciousness is distributed widely, among various henchmen and minion creatures. Their physical body can be massive, can exist in many places at one time; and they can exist without a physical body, as well. Many of them driven by an insatiable hunger for growth (which is legally-required, isn't it? They must seek profit for share-holders). The biggest ones exist outside the laws of any single nation ...

      They're not necessarily evil, but they're definitely superhuman.

      I love your ideas. Any ideas how to get from here to there?

      "Gussie, a glutton for punishment, stared at himself in the mirror."

      by GussieFN on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 11:15:04 AM PDT

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      •  Yes, agreed, that is because the corporate (6+ / 0-)

        charter REQUIRES that their first consideration must be PROFIT left their stockholders can sue them.

        And then of course this fact then attracts sociopaths.

        But I've had my own business and there is nothing wrong with having a business. Yet we MUST have a system that doesn't let the MOST RUTHLESS always win.  The system is so horrendous now that the Walmarts -- who do not pay a living wage -- are the ones who win the consumers.

        We CAN change the laws to reduce the "moral jeopardy" inherent in putting profits above people.

        Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

        by Einsteinia on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 11:21:01 AM PDT

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        •  We can change this! (4+ / 0-)
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          Einsteinia, mystique mist, elwior, mkor7

          1. Workers have complete free speech rights and free assembly rights IN THE WORKPLACE not via the NLRA and enforced by the NLRB but enforced nontheless. Employers cannot fire people unless they have been shown to fail at their jobs and they have had documented warnings or the position is being eliminated. (You would see union rates skyrocket!)
          2. We create a new financial structure that funnels money from pensions and 401Ks to companies that have multiple stakeholders represented on their boards of directors.
          3. We dump our Common Law system and adopt a civil law system

          Why not dream?

          •  We can make the rules that suit us! (1+ / 0-)
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            I thought that was the point of a democracy.

            Speaking of which, why is it legal to state job criteria of 2-6 years of experience?

            What about 10 years of experience?

            Isn't this ageism?

            Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

            by Einsteinia on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 03:42:27 PM PDT

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            •  Good thought -lets dream (2+ / 0-)
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              Einsteinia, elwior

              As to ageism...

              There are so many applicants for each job that employers make up arbitrary criteria just to be able to eliminate some. Older more experienced workers might challenge authority and not jump to every command. Better to take someone with minimal qualifications.

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