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  •  Making the improbable probable for forty years. (6+ / 0-)

    At least, I hope I can.

    I think I might have mentioned that I lost a little weight over the past year and two months. :D Only 100 pounds or so, no big deal.

    I also think I might have said I never expected to.

    But now, my concerns are these; how much more should I lose, and how do I keep it off?

    If you're looking for black swans, people who've lost that much weight (without extreme measures like bariatric surgery, too) and maintained it are nearly non-existent. I know of one person in real life who has done it. I would like to be one, too.

    So I'm doing my best, looking into how others have gotten there and maintained their weight. One way appears to be keeping up the monitoring they did while they were losing. Allergywoman does not own her own scale, so her actual weight-loss numbers have startled her on the rare occasions she's found a scale in a place accessible to the public (local museum) or other places (like a relative's house).

    I've been asking around; anyone want to help me become a black swan by recommending a cheap but effective scale? :D

    Thank you!

    Rachel and Maui 1 by *Windthin on deviantART

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