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View Diary: NYT Lead: House Dems “Increasingly Unified” As “Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance” (295 comments)

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  •  Pls focus on party dynamics, not individual Reps (7+ / 0-)

    First let me qualify my title to this comment.  I see that several who have responded below are focusing on their individual Reps.  That is fine and necessary.  But please don't let your personal outrage at your Rep distract you from the intra-Party dynamics of recent developments.

    In a previous diary, I commented that Pelosi/Hoyer's lobbying against Amash/Conyers was an attempt to tame a 'wildcat strike' so that Pelosi could deliver a 'unified' Dem House back to the President so that the 'managed discussion' of NSA could go forward (toward the faux-fix).

    Fifty-five percent of House Dems voted for Amash/Conyers.  Only 45% stayed within the fold.  And we now know that the 45%  receives far higher contributions from NSA-related industries than the majority of House Dems who voted to restrain the NSA.  And now, from this Pew poll, we know that the 55% who voted to maintain NSA's status quo (and get behind the faux-fix) are Corporatists and Blue Dogs.

    These discrete factoids now add up to some really functional, useful knowledge.  Yes, contact your No-voting Rep -- and express yourself not only about the No vote, but also about the money they gladly receive, and about how vigilant you will be about dissecting any and all 'fixes' that will come quickly from the higher reaches of the Party.

    BUT ALSO look at the fact that we now have a definition of 'Better Democrats'.  'Better Democrats' are those who will protect the People's rights under the Constitution.

    AND PLEASE NOTE that those 'Better Democrats' will be 'Liberal' and 'Progressive' Democrats, not Blue Dogs or Corporatists.  This is the perfect time to recruit new candidates to 'primary from the left'.  And those new candidates cannot be from the Democratic Party's 'establishment' --- those new candidates must be chosen by you, The People, the Liberal, Progressive, Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

    And please, somebody -- start an Act Blue page right now, where people can start to send small contributions to form a pool to be distributed to those new candidates.  The amount I'll suggest?  $2.05 -- to honor the 205 Democrats who voted Yes on Amash/Conyers.  

    And the coalition of Blue Dogs and Corporatists who support the NSA status quo have, imo, earned a new name for themselves and their ilk --

    The Blue Dog Corps of the Democratic Party -- with 'Corps' pronounced 'Corpse'.

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