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View Diary: BREAKING - Tree Climbers: Child Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up - Why Today Matters (14 comments)

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    I remember when the Sandusky & related crimes were first exposed. And it made me so angry- so furious- but that's not the point of this comment. It was when a former friend/commentator spoke up and was in tears over not only the crime (to children!), but at the thought of Paterno et al covering up and allowing these incidents to continue taking place, that I began to cry and let go of some of the pain that seems to be a legacy of my childhood.  

    Then I listened to sports writers speaking up furiously, ahead of any trial, having taken time to read the Grand Jury transcripts and I immediately became transfixed. They didn't try to excuse or cover it up like I thought the "sports community" would. They were outraged and sickened. I can't tell you how much that affected me, how emotional I became. This was a public acknowledgement of the heinous nature of the sexual abuse. I couldn't stop reading, searching for and finding written and spoken condemnation for his acts, based on the grand jury findings, ahead of any trial. This world, outside the community of survivors was publicly saying enough! No more. And that's what made me weep. It was powerful.

    As I read your diary, I have many of the same feelings, Roxine. It is deeply, deeply moving and I thank you. I will never be "normal" (whatever that is), but I am so grateful that these traumatic, damaging, life-changing acts are being brought out to the light of day and punished. It doesn't just send a message to actual or potential perpetrators, it sends a message to us as well.

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    by crescentdave on Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 11:16:48 AM PDT

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