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    The problem in Tx is that the liberals from less diverse states are still unable to pass laws that reward education and hard work.  As long as the issue is the entitlement of the aristocracy whose parents were born in this country, and not the nature of America, which is based on the hard work of the individual, not the ancestry of the parent, the Hispanic population of Texas is not going to see much point.

    The other states are simply freaking out that benefits are in time going to be mostly for the non-white population.  So all of the sudden benefits are now a waste of money.  We saw the same thing when the african american population reached 10%, and Reagan started talking about the welfare queens.

    The task of liberals, I believe, is not to focus on the rejection of the socially conservative message, but to build a socially liberal, long term fiscally responsible message that show that we value everyone who is committed to make the United States a great country.  After all immigrants do not flock here because we are a bunch of losers.

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