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View Diary: Mike Lee confronted with government shutdown reality, still dreams big (34 comments)

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    When we let Republicans have their way with the FCC?  A handful of media corporations are allowed to become mega media, and allowed to mostly control every media market.  The mega media corps only competition is with themselves.  So they decide which stories are fit to broadcast/print, and what the slant is.  Folks get so wound up about the Supreme Court, and yet the FCC has had a bigger impact on more Americans politics and basic knowledge of our world.  Nearly all of the regulars on DKos could name all the Supreme Court justices, their conservative/liberal leanings, and could explain several recent court rulings and their ramifications.  But how many of us could tell you how many seats are on the FCC, whether the FCC currently has a quoram, who the members are and their affiliations?  Not to mention  recent decisions and their ramifications.
    Lots to fix in this country, but the mega media that decides what information is available to the mass of citizenry is one of the most basic sources that drives this country's ignorance, and crazy ass politics.

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