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  •  Well there is a difference there. (0+ / 0-)

    Any information that we have about the churches in the outlying areas that disagreed with Rome was only preserved by accident, as the church went about not only destroying all that (or some of it may be in the Vatican vaults), but also all the pagan written histories, including the act of burning down the whole library in Alexandria and taking over every pagan shrine they could find.

    •  oh god, the library at Alexandria. MY HEART. (0+ / 0-)

      I have a dream that in some long-distant future time, they will open the Vatican vaults and make its contents public knowledge.

      Sadly, if that ever happens it'll probably be because civilization has completely collapsed and re-risen in the interim, and the people opening it will be archaeologists trying to find out more about the Times Before.

      •  Well if you follow my comments on the (0+ / 0-)

        Catholic Church, you would see that I'm working so hard to get people to realize how immoral and corrupt that institution is and how the world really needs to finally take a stand against it.  


        Betty Clermont writes great diaries on this issue.

        I don't know if the Vatican has anything that might have been looted from the library after they made sure it burned. They really wanted all records of pagan beliefs destroyed, probably because it would prove that the story of Jesus was totally lifted from the pagan gods stories.

        What I have read that they DO have is a lot of the loot and art from the pagan shrines. They actually had the nerve to use a portrait of Isis and baby Horus and retitled it Mary and baby Jesus. Halos and all.

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