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View Diary: Part VII: Punishing Eve – The Rise and Fall of the Greeks (5 comments)

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  •  Bronze age Mycenaean culture conquered Crete (3+ / 0-)
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    in the 17th century BCE, apparently following a large volcanic event on the island Thera. Thereafter, Mycenaean civilization became artistically influenced by Minoan culture, and the Cretan writing system Linear A was adapted to Mycenaean Greek to form Linear B.

    Crete had colonies in many places -- it seems likely that Athens was originally a Cretan colony. The story about the contest of Poseidon and Athena vying to be patron/matron deity of Athens seems to record an unsuccessful attempt by early Greek invaders who worshiped the horse god (as he was then) Poseidon to wrest control of the religion of Athens from the Cretan goddess of the olives.

    According to the story, all the women voted for Athena, and all the men voted for Poseidon -- but there was one more women than there were men, so Athena won. In punishment for this men took the vote away from the women... making this the very first recorded instance of right wing voter suppression!

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