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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: U.S.-based multinational corporations hire lots of people...overseas (70 comments)

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  •  The Senate Immigration bill sucks out loud (0+ / 0-)

    But most people just seem to want millions more high-tech serfs, the actual meaning of the H-1B.

    The bill will double and triple the H-1B count.

    It will take the lid off green cards - no limit AT ALL. This is a fucking disaster.

    We have not enough jobs for OUR OWN CHILDREN. College grads are working at Starbucks, while good jobs are given to the H-1B scabs.

    What is it about this that is so mysterious? Why do some approve of IT/STEM jobs going from Americans to H-1B scabs?

    I hire these folks. I always hire the American. I have hired many and worked with many chinese and indians. They are the product of some of the crappiest school systems on the planet, and their programming and skills are a reflection of this.

    When we hire the H-1B, we hire the enemies of the US. China and India are our enemy. They are trying to take over the economic leadership of the world. Hire the H-1B, hire the enemy.

    •  Most likely the Senate bill won't... (3+ / 0-) passed by the House. For once we luck out with the Republican idiots, but only because the Senate bill doesn't go far enough in some realms for them, and too far (path to citizenship) in others.

      Float like a manhole cover, sting like a sash weight! Clean Coal Is A Clinker!

      by JeffW on Tue Jul 30, 2013 at 05:28:53 AM PDT

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      •  We can only hope (2+ / 0-)
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        JeffW, Calamity Jean

        I am hoping to get the word out about H-1Bs.

        We have hundreds of thousands of college students without full time jobs. I have a daughter 26, a son 22 and a daughter 22. The daughter 22 does have a job. The son does not yet.

        The daughter 22 knows 700-800 FB friends. Of those mebbe 20 have real jobs. The rest are getting by with waitressing. These are kids who went to college. They got exceptionally good grades. Now, where are the jobs? Mostly going to the H-1B scabs.

        It is not right.

    •  Your words and actions are vile and racist (1+ / 0-)
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      Sky Net
      US. China and India are our enemy. They are trying to take over the economic leadership of the world
      That's exactly the type of rhetoric that Nazis used to spread their hate and perpetrate their horrid violence.

      FYI, far from "trying to take over" the world, India is still one of the poorest countries, with among the lowest per-capita GDPs in the world. India, which was (shockingly to many) one of the GDP leaders of the world from ancient times till 1700 AD, was left poor and destitute by European colonization, and resumed its post-colonial life at the bottom of the pile with some 7% literacy rate. After 66 years (literacy is now about 70-75%), it is still struggling to lift its masses out of rank poverty.

      'They are the product of some of the crappiest school systems on the planet'

      Gibberish. Do you know that China now produces more peer-reviewed scientific articles than the US?  India and China have highly competitive educational systems, ensuring that those who get selected to attend the top schools there are among the brightest in the world.

      Further, both Chinese and Indian immigrants to the US have among the highest per-capita production of US domestic patents (as I pointed out to you before) when broken down by ethnic groups, far exceeding their respective shares of the population here.

      See this 2009 study by Harvard Professor Willian Kerr: Innovation and H-1B Visa Reforms

      ' their programming and skills are a reflection of this.'

      Typical nonsense from Indophobic racists. There is a spectrum of quality of either Indians/Chinese or American-born programmers. The quality of a given individual programmer generally depends on their educational background. Programmers from India and China's top schools are as good as programmers from the top schools in the US, generally speaking.

      'I hire these folks. I always hire the American.'

      If you're not hiring American citizens and permanent residents of Chinese and Indian descent based of your biases, you are engaging in illegal discriminatory practices. You should be fired by your employer for it, and not hired by anyone else for any position that involves hiring or promoting people.

      •  The Kerr paper? Geez (0+ / 0-)

        You believe that crap? It's been REPEATEDLY debunked. It itself is based on a racist analysis, making you a racist for citing them.

        For debunking look at several pieces by Norm Matloff.

        "very badly flawed"

        "The authors' finding that the Chinese are the most innovative might strike some readers as odd.  Aren't East Asians known for lack of innovation?  Actually, the governments of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan themselves believe their people lack the ability to innovate, and have publicly wondered how to solve the problem.  Nobel physicist C.N. Yang has said, "...[those] trained  in the  Orient tend to be too [intellectually] timid...This attitude prevents them from jumping over hurdles to make important contributions...This too timid attitude is a handicap later in life when they want to be more creative or more imaginative."  I must assure you that there are indeed many East Asians that are fantastic innovators (Yang himself of course being a prime example)--but at the same time, I share the views of the above-mentioned
        governments and Dr. Yang; the cultures generally do not foster innovation, and in fact unwittingly inhibit it."
        And recent papers by many suggest that the H-1B scabs are NOT needed.

        We have more than enough STEM workers.

        When we do hire the enemies of America, they are likely to show up at the airport with our trade secrets.

        So, call me a racist again, and there is a donut in it for you.

        •  I will go over your links (0+ / 1-)
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          in detail later to judge merits and any biases therein, but your blockquote of Matloff's note is lame and ridiculous.

          Here is a recent study that pegs China to dominate in peer-review publications  by 2020:
          China to lead world scientific research by 2020

          Targeting specific groups of people based on their ethnicity for hatred, calling them using slurs such as "scabs," etc, IS racism, and which you're guilty of as can be read directly in your comments.

          Engaging in discriminatory hiring based on race and national origin IS racism as well as a violation of the law, and you're apparently guilty of this as well.

          'So, call me a racist again, and there is a donut in it for you.'

          Yes, I repeat, your words and actions are vile and racist.

          You don't have to be that way, though, since any and all issues can be debated rationally using facts and data, and without resorting to bigoted ways. You're making a conscious choice to take the latter route.

      •  How do you get a work permit for India (0+ / 0-)

        Answer: It's almost impossible.

        Indians have laws requiring Indian hires.  And the kicker is, so does the US. We have laws requiring Indian hires.

        We don't have laws requiring US citizen hires. And we should.

        •  Indian Work Permit (0+ / 0-)
          Indian Work Permit


          The key benefit of an Indian employment visa is that it permits a foreign national to live and work in India.

          Unlike an Indian business visa which permits a range of business activities but excludes the right to undertake employment, a successful work permit application offers the right to begin living and working in India upon arrival.

          In addition, unlike short-term India visa services such as a tourist visa, Indian work permits can be extended in increments of one year as required.

          In India, work permit applications can be submitted through one of two routes.

              The applicant may apply to the Indian Embassy or High Commission in his or her country of residence, or as is more often the case,
              An Indian company offering a position of employment can begin the application process in India on behalf of the candidate. Like a UK work permit application, this employer led route is the usual route to obtaining an Indian work permit.

          In cases where a firm offer of employment from an Indian company is in place, applications will need to be supported by a range of documentation including a completed application form and a current valid passport with recent passport photographs.

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